Hackers vs MalZ

Ok People it’s time to give the word ‘hacker’ back.
I am a hacker, in the real sense of the word. I am a programmer who uses advanced and fast techniques to write software and maintain my servers. I can change software if I want to and can do anything in computer security but I do not break into other people’s computers and cause destruction. I can take a computer apart in seconds and put it back together. I can make things do things they were not originally intended. I can ‘hack’ about anything (like the software in my car 🙂
But I am not a ‘malware’ writer. I am not a ‘malcontent’ who trys to steal from people.
So to let us real Hackers who are not enimy number 1 have our name back we propose a new name for those people who make virii and malware, people how try to steal from people, these malcontents and since the term mal keeps coming up and because they are mostly ‘script kiddies’ who are really just wanna be hackers with no life we propose the term ‘MalZ’.

It’s short, easy to remember, conforms to malware and malcontent, and with the ‘Z’ on the end adds the script kiddy wannabe feel to it. hey they may adopt the name themselves.

So I want my hacker back.


About echlinm

Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst/Hacker S31
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