What type of Geek are you?

Yes You,

According to Wired there are 6 kinds of geeks, and they have the spectum covered but I believe that there are overlaps in the kinds they list and of course they couldn’t put all of the different nuances and shades in one page. Neither can I so i will concentrate on where I fit in and if you think you fit somewhere in here feel free to post a comment.
They list 6 kinds of geeks,
the FanBoy (or Girl) and yes we all know someone like this don’t we;
the music geek, and I don’t know where to put this person but I am sure they are out there;
the gamer (Hi Steve) yes they can pretty much frag anyone and have you ever noticed how white their skin is?
The gadget geek (OK this is partly me, I have a lot of gadgets but this doesn’t completely describe me)
The hacker, Well here’s seems to be the rest of me, but I don’t hack maliciously, and I get paid to do it!
Their 6th type I am afraid to even call thse guys geeks, more like hangers on but maybe maybe not.

I think I fit nicely between or across the gadget and hacker geeks. I am told I am chronically crabby but when standing in line for coffee or if someone is using ym software and tells me they like it or it saves them time and effort I can be freindly, I am high maintenance, ask my wife. I need constant confirmation that what I am doing is good or I start adding features until someone tells me they like it. Featuritous is not a bad thing.
I have a Pocket PC phone which has unlimited internet (but needs the batteries recharged every two hours) I have 5 computers at work and 16 at home. I have a timex USB watch that has it’s own API. I can play space invaders on my watch. I have a robosapian robot. And I use Linux as my main OS on half of my computers, Windows on the rest. I am not torn between the OS worlds, I use the best tool for the job and there is no OS out there that can do everything.
I am a security guru as well as the guy who provides the software used by the software developers. The programmers programmer. And I like that.

Anyway the wirde story is at

Enjoy and post where i the geek spectum you fit.

About echlinm

Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst/Hacker S31
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