S31 (Interum name)

Ok we need more people trained to protect our computer systems and as some say ‘the best defence is a good offence.’
To do this each of us who have any knowledge we need to pass it on. If you are a computer administrator and know how to use virus scanners and anti malware software. Can set up your firewall on your windows systems, start teaching your freinds, co-workers and relatives what the problems with malware, phishing schemes and other tools of the MalZ.  Teach them to protect their own computers and about updating their software.
If you are a security researcher start teaching people how to recognise attacks and how to avoid them. How to use internet headers on email to see that the contents are a phishing scheme or not. How to use simple unix tools to identify who might be attacking them and how to report this to researchers.
Finally the advanced hackers and programmers who know networking and protocols and software inside out start teaching more students. The MalZ are growing in number but our wanting to to stay within the law is causing us to not grow as fast and we have to.
If you are going to become involved in striking back we are going to have to somehow decide what is the line we stop at or if we stop at any line. We need to also know that as we do this we will become targets and there may be a cost to this activity and that more then just electronically defending our computers is required.
If you are going to do this learning a defense art is going to be a good thing.
For my part I am going to includemany things in the training I provide. From levels at the bottom of how to install the basic software needed, as well as basic spiritualism and defense techniques, continuing to advanced programming and security techniques (can you write an assempler app that will run unchanged and assembled once to work on Windows, Linux and OS X?) Boy am I glad most virus writers don’t know how to do this.
nyway, more as we progress through this.

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Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst/Hacker S31
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