Passwords for Chocolate?

Ok now here’s a good one. A survey of people in London (UK) showed that yes less people would give away their passwords but still way to many.
According to a report in they were "prepared to give away their passwords for a chocolate bar."
My experience with a high percentage of users is that users don’t want to have to worry about security or logins or anything, they just want to use the machine. SO when we go to teach them they show up for class and listen but not much of it sticks.
This is why some people at home have no firewall, never patch the system, they shut off auto patching; because it means the machine has to reboot and they don’t want to take the time.
They want their computer to be like their TV, no maintenance, and the security should be provided by whoever owns the network or their ISP. This is why millions of computers are zombies.
Then when something happens they blame the network guys or Microsoft. Microsoft has been an attractive target for a few years now. I used to blame them myself. But I know better now.
Anyway, people want to turn it on and work and when we try to teach them about secure computing they seem to nod their heads and they don’t take it seriously.
I used to teach night school courses and one of the things people wanted to know was how to have it start up and not ask for a login and password. But that doesn’t mean we stop trying to get people to pay attention. Education is one of the things we have to do and we have to do more of.
Of course this also begs the other question? What else will people give away for a piece of chocolate? (I guess that depends on how good the chocolate is?)

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