Another Chinese Import killing people!

OK let me make a list.

1: Lead based paint in toys

2: dog food contaminated with poisons

3: crayons with lead

4: poison toothpaste.

and countless others; All from China.

And now, Poison in prescription drugs

"America’s drugs watchdog believes that Chinese-made ingredients for a blood-thinning drug may have been deliberately contaminated. "

On it’s own its easy to think this could just be a country starting to get on it’s feet and individuals making mistakes. But then you start to see the other things going on.

The amount and specific targeted Internet attacks against US and other western government computer systems. The attacks against Defense contractors using spear phishing techniques. Four countries last year make public calls to china to stop attacking their computer systems. They have spies for economic and military purposes all over the world.

And the Chinese seem to be taking away the Russian bot-nets and using them to attack specific corporate interests. Much of the targeted computer attacks lately have come from China’s army computer networks. Or so the American government thinks.

At the same time it has been said that as far as Global warming is concerned what ever the rest of the world does, unless china cleans up it’s act it is going to happen. If china doesn’t do anything and every one else does everything we can, Global warming will happen and there is nothing we can do. And if china does everything it can but no one else does anything global warming won’t happen.

Why are we still doing any business at all with this country. They have sent us all kinds of poison in recent years. They attack us on the Internet. They are counterfeiting all kinds of products and these include parts fro airplanes, nuclear reactors and car parts that if the parts are cheap knock-offs (which they are, no where near the quality required) and even things like clothing and drugs.

Now what about their human rights record? How about the current problems in Tibet? There is not freedom of expression? Journalists in prison for telling the truth?

We need to do one of two things. Either we insist that the government start fixing it record on human rights. They need to put all of the things in place to create a democratic government with transparency and open elections. They also need to make the step of allowing Tibet to have it’s own autonomous government within china.

They have to take steps stop all of this poisoning and take steps to demilitarize except for a force to defend themselves and to contribute to peacekeeping. They also have to take every step possible to stop global warming. No more coal and oil based electrical plants no matter what.

Unless serious steps that indicate these things will be happening we should cancel the China Olympics and have it somewhere else. I don’t know if we can have them somewhere else or not but I for one if I was an athlete would not go. I don’t believe that they should have been given the games in the first place because of their record on human rights and with their lack of a democracy.

But that’s just me. What do you think?


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