How I use my Windows Mobile device

I just switched to Windows Live Spaces and a major part of that is my use of mobile windows devices.
Now I have been using Windows Mobile and PocketPC devices for a while. I started a few years ago and am now using my 4th device and they only het better. But the real use of them is the integration of the mobile device with all of the rest of my computing and communication tools.
I use Outlook at work on Windows XP systems because that is the hardware/OS we use for most office type applications. I can easily get my email anywhere I am securly at work. I can also use it for all of the communication and information I have to use at home as well.
I have an unlimited access acount on the device giving me evdo broadband speed access to the internet in most places that I will be. I can get email from all of my email accounts.
I can write my own software for the device. (A personal requirement for all of my devices, even my Timex USB Ironman watch.)  The windows mobile also comes with word, excel, powerpoint and outlook.
Now the batteries suck. If you have the phone on and it’s a low end cell 60 to 300 minutes on an evdo network seems to be the range. If you shut the phone off and just run it as a handheld then 12 hours or more. It seems to be tied directly to the power required to keep that lowend connection going. But there is a way to do this. In some cases an external battery pack that recharges your batteries constantly, OR the one I went with. I have a crank powered light that has a USB plug in the back for recharging usb rechargable devices. About 20 minutes of cranking gives you lots of time on the phone if you have a good connection. I think people might be able to use both.
I resally like this device. My kids use MSN so I can talk with them anytime anywhere there is cell service and I have been able to get connections in places other people can not.
And for ease of input get a keyboard is nice and i use a folding wireless IR keyboard. My PPC can switch to side view and that puts the IR port down toward the keyboard.
It has bluetooth, wifi and cell connectivity and they all work just fine for me. And it’s faster then my old laptop. 
Now I can do all of my blogging and web research anywhere, any time, with no limits. and fully integrated to Windows Live (well almost.)
The only problem right now is putting pictures up from the PPC. Using mobile IE I have to email the pictures in. Which is silly but I hope they fix it soon or I will have to see if minimo will do it.
I for one recommend the Windows Mobile device over anything else out there at the moment.

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