Cyber war is coming fast.

OK, again the Chinese are in the news for hacking western computers and this time someone is claiming that they have actually been able to shut off the lights.

I first saw this on Wired today and then following the links to

OK China has some hackers. Some work for the Gov, others are just friendly to the government and the Chinese Gov just lets them do what they want as long as it’s against western peoples or governments.

I have nothing against anyone Chinese or against the Chinese people but the attacks against our countries and people have to stop.

OK so the PLA has a bunch of people, both official and volunteers that have free rein to do what they want, try to get what data they want and attack who they want.

We must do the same. And we have to have government permission and support. 

The speed of this war is going to become very quick and if we are late getting in we will only lose. It’s currently in the early stages with rudimentary tools and effects, but if this story is true we are 5 years late already.

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