Social engineering or just Bad Ideas?

People are gullible and do stupid things especially when they are Lazy but people are being asked to do stupid things and they do them.

Case in point, the asking by some social networking sites that users give them their email username and password so they can rummage your contact list (and who knows what else.) Do you think this is a good idea, that the site can contact all of your contacts and invite them to join you? Or a Bad Idea that they now have complete run of your email and can use this to spam the planet?

Not to mention as one person states, access to your on-line identity and al of your private and financial data and information in your email?

Two examples of this come from  Yelp, and

Why would any site that is not a bunch of MalZ ask for this information? Why would anyone, anyone especially intelligent people give it to them? Are we that lazy? Are we completely out of our minds?

Apparently some people are.

Yes people want to just do the job they are doing but think first OK.

Never give anyone your passwords to anything. Never. OK?

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