More Gadgets

OK I have resurrected my favorite geeky gadget today. I have a PDA watch with a USB port. Yup I have one of the Timex Ironman USB watches. One of 4 brands allowed to go on the space shuttle and the ISS.

This thing is cool. First is has a Motorola 68000 series CPU and 1 meg of ram. It comes with a software development kit and a USB cable with a strange end on it. (SO that it has a water proof seal. You could connect it to your PC underwater. Your PC may not survive but the watch will.

One of the ‘wrist apps’ for this available for download from is Space Invaders. And that is just too cool.

Now the only problem I have is how do I wear it and also my heart monitor watch at the same time?

My robot is now jealous!


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