Right tool for the job.

There is a debate running on the internet that has been going on for years and it seems that a lot of people are all on one side or the other. Some say that using Windows is the only way to go and others say Linux or Mac.
Some say only use proprietary software (software you have to buy or license) where others say only use Open Source (software you can use for free and even make changes if you want.)
The proprietary software guys say the open source is insecure and the open source people say the proprietary is also insecure. And Everyone of them is wrong and they are all right. After using both types of software for years and working for both types of developers I can say that what people who are selecting software should do is not pick one type of software or the other but the best tool for the job.
OK what do I mean right tool for the job? An OS is an OS is an OS isn’t it? Or an office app is an office app? Yes but what do you want to do with it?
That depends on what you are trying to do, what equipment you want to do it with and what fits right for you.
I want to keep an older laptop going, not because I want to use old hardware or because i am attached to it but because this laptop has a very high resolution LCD screen and buying a new one with this resolution wsill cost 10 grand.
But I want to move away from XP because XP is just too old. But the cpu won’t run Vista or Windows 7.
So I will be putting Linux on it. Why because I can still run the newesy version of the Linux Kernel without penalty on this hardware and it will still let me use the high resolution lcd. That screen is the whole thing here. I can still run my development software on and use that screen as a terminal for more powerful systems doing the calculations on either a new desktop system or a cluster but do the graphics on the laptop. Right tool for the job.
And I don’t lose anything as I can run other offie software and email and web browsers on that one laptop and still run Windows on my desktop system with MS Office and Outlook and IE (and can therefore test everything on both Windows and Linux so all of my users can use their choice of system.
At home as my systems age they don’t lose their power as fast as they used to. I have one pentium 4 system that even though getting old has a cpu that runs at 3.2 Ghtz as fast as any new cpu out there. Yes the new ones have things like dual cores but for most applications any single application only runs on one core at a time.
Yes a dual core does add some speed but no-where near the speed difference that gpoing from a 486 to a pentium did or a Pentium to a Pentium 2 or 3 but an oveclocked pentium 3 at 1.5 Ghtz and a Pentium 4 at 1.6 Ghtz (Still a common speed that people do buy) there is not nearly as much difference. And a computer with two seperate cpus (Pentium3’s) are almost as fast as a single Pentoum dual core.
And if you want to make them faster switch to a smaller footprint Window Manager, either by downgrading Windows to an add on WM or using alighter WM on Linux and you can get 20% of your cpu back.
By doing this you can extend the life of your system and still be using the newest OS and security and applications.
I use only Windows Mobile based Smart Phones. Not because I don’t like other phones but because with Windows Mobile I can do anything I want on m phone.
I write my own software for it and I use it fro everything when i am mobile. Nothing else has come out with the same ability ofr me to do anything I want on my mobile device. The iPhone is just a toy compared to the Windows Mobile system once you get to the point of writing your own software for it. I even have a compiler running on it. The google os android looks like it will be able to catch up to WM but  it’s not there yet.
Now that doesn’t mean you should buy one. Although I think MS got it right with the WM device and the rumours of docking stations and 1.6 Ghtz processors sounds good not everyone needs what I do. My kids use sort of smart phones and my wife uses a very nice smart phone, they wouldn’t like mine. And there are a lot of people who use black berries and the like but I don’t get anyone that uses Windows and wants to have their phone to be compatable with their desktop not using a WM device.  Right tool for the job.
There is no one best type or instance of any one software type. There are good software choices from amny different companies and organisations that each have pros and cons and each can do something better then the others and have some type of drawback that also make them different.
What people should be doing is not always buying one type or downloading the other but making a decision based on what is the best for the job i want to do.

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