6° rise in global temperature coming

There have been a few news items lately about "World on course for catastrophic 6° rise.

From the UK’s The Independant:

This and a lot of other stories in the last week point at the UN and Kyoto have been unable to get world leaders to agree on what to do about global warming and frankly, anything they do come up with will probably be too little too late. I don’t think that there will ever be an agreement that will be able to slow global warming. It is coming, it’s time to deal people.

Some estimates now put the sea level rise as high as 90 meters, but expected rise now is in the 30 meter range if we can slow global warming, but like I said I don’t see that happening.

Others are predicting desert expansion, and the loss of the grain belt. But the grain belt won’t disappear, it will just move, north. Looks to me like the current tundra will become our grain belt. and that area is huge people!

I think that while there is now no argument that global warming is happening but I doubt very much the doom and gloom that everyone seems to think will be the result. Why everyone always thinks the worst is crazy. Yes sea level will rise and there will be some people displaced, but that rise will be, in human terms, slow and we will deal. Lets start looking at using the oceans more, farming fish, desalination is now fairly easy to do, Florida has a number of plants running. I refuse to believe we as humans can’t adapt and make the best of it.

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