Remembrance Day, Poppies and is it working?

96 years ago the world embarked on the hell we all know as the war to end all wars. In commemoration of the end of this war Remembrance Day was started and because of the flower growing in the fields were men were buried we wear poppies.

Remembrance Day is a day we commemorate the soldiers who served especially those who died, and each year we vow to not let the same thing happen again. But it did and it has and it still is.

In many ways our world is less better off now than it was. We now have the chance of total nuclear annihilation, the war on terror, global warming, and people dieing all over the world of starvation, disease and regional conflicts. Hate crimes, piracy, and using rape as a weapon against your enemies women.

While I will wear a poppy and stand at attention for our fallen, I have to ask, did we not learn anything? Is it still working?

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