I’m a computer geek.

I am starting this post not really 100% sure of what I want to write about. I want to talk about where I fit in the world of computing and why. What I want to do wth my blog is provide useable information for the people who read it. To do this I need to identify to myself what I can do, what I know and what expertise I have to share.

I am a computer programmer  and systems analyst. I started programming computers in high school and after an accident on our family farm that limits what I can do much physically I started a computer consulting business doing computer building, installation, helping people use their computers and some programming. I also do computer networking, computer security, white hat hacking, robotics and mobile computing. After running my business for a few years I then went to college and have diplomas in Computer Programming and Systems Analysis. I now work for a government research lab and I program in 20+ computer languages and in our group have a very good reputation for programming.

I have gotten a reputation of being not so much a programmer for end users but I supply a lot of tools for the developers, designers, testers and quality assurance. While I want to help end users and will give advice on things like antivirus and malware I’m more of the geek geeks go to for advice.

I am also a medical and mobile computer user. I use electronics to track my health and to control pain. I’m not a super user in those technologies yet and I hope to be able to give advice and also get some as well.

I have a ‘best tool for the job’ attitude and while some people will argue things like Windows verses Linux, I use both depending on what I need done. And hopefully I will not be blaming users or software developers for things like security. The only people to blame about security issues are the people who criminally use malware, viruses and break into computers for profit or stealing information.

There are a lot of things I would like to do, but I can’t so I hope that I can offer info, advice and intelligent discussion on computing and computer programming topics for you.

About echlinm

Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst/Hacker S31
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