Global Warming-real and good?

I was reading on Discovery News at CLIMATE CHANGE PERSPECTIVE and this is my take.
Yes Global Warming is real and we are to blame (socially, not individually), but all of the doom and gloom, worst case scenario we hear from news and many science outlets is not the consensus of scientists.
Data from the ice and fossil record indicates that while the world will change with warming it won’t be worse than now but better.
We will lose some current animal and plants but they will be replaced with newer better animal and plant life.
Plants like carbon dioxide, and they like warmth. They grow bigger and as they grow the animals that grow on them grow as well.
Weather patterns will change. Some places will get warmer, others colder, some drier, others wetter. Sea level will rise. But if countries started now making it harder to build where it will flood and instead started moving people to higher ground now the impact can be lessoned. Where there are coastal cities now will be coral reefs in the future.
There will be change. Change is not bad it is just change and instead of making all of the fuss about the sky is falling maybe if we instead accepted that there will be change and started adapting to the inevitable change our efforts would be better spent.
Question, who decided that the climate from the 60’s was any good anyway. If I remember correctly we had longer winters, more snow, shorter growing seasons and it was miserable.
I welcome global warming. I think we could use more of it, 56 million years ago we were in a much warmer world. Diversity was much higher than now, and you could swim in the arctic. Studies published at Discovery and other science outlets showed that the amazon was warmer, wetter and more diverse. I suspect that this was the case for a lot of the world, all indications say it was.
We have made our bed, this is man made. So we are going to have to live with it. SO lets not try to stop the unstoppable but rather embrace it and make it ours. Only when we do that will we be able to fully take advantage of it.


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