I need a new computer

I am sitting here typing away on an old Pentium 3 computer. We have a Pentium 4 3.2 in the computer room downstairs and a couple of Pentium 3s, a Pentium 2 and some older macs and a NeXT Turbo. (And an old CPM system)
I can do most of what I want to do with these computers and there are still no cpus out there with higher clock speeds then the one we bought almost 8 years ago but it’s getting old. Besides it’s full of my middle kids Sims and no room for much else.
So I need a new one. I went looking for a new computer at the local stores, and mostly they have laptops and netbooks. The one store had a single all in one other then the laptops. One store had 2 desktops and the third store had no desktops at all.
Of the choices in the store that had 3 one was an all-in-one, one was a celeron and the other was a single core but priced like it was a quad core.
So I was thinking, is the desktop PC disappearing except in business settings? Are stores not carrying the desktop because no-one is buying or are people who buy desktop systems just not buying them in stores and only selling to people who are buying on short notice like, oh hey nice computer I should get one?
SO I have three things to ask, what style of computer are you using at home/not at work? Where did you buy it? And if you are a large computer company, um can you send me a computer cause I can’t seem to find one here.

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3 Responses to I need a new computer

  1. Brett Legree says:

    I have exclusively switched to laptops, although (and you will find this kind of funny, perhaps) they are all running in “clamshell mode” with the displays closed, plugged into large LCD panels with external keyboards and mice.

    I have done this for a few reasons – first, they are just as fast as desktops for my purposes. Second, they are quieter and more energy efficient. Third, if I need to move them or use them someplace else – they are laptops! Fourth, back to one of your points – upgrades are not really needed these days, the hardware is fast enough that it will probably wear out before I notice a problem with speed – I can add storage space with external drives too.

    I bought my MacBook Pro directly from Apple, my PowerBook G4 and my Compaq nc6320 via eBay, and I will have a ThinkPad T61p very shortly from a co-worker. That one will be upgraded to 8 GB of memory and a 500 GB hard drive, so it will be in my mind equivalent to any desktop I would probably purchase or build.

    If you are really stuck on a desktop, I would suggest that you build your own – as I agree with you, most of the big box stores are not carrying them anymore. Whether that is because they are pushing laptops only or customers are requesting laptops only, I am not sure.

    From my own perspective – from time to time, I think about building another desktop, and I end up deciding it is not worth it. I can buy a refurbished high-end / enterprise grade laptop for about the same price that will be just as good for my needs, max out the memory and storage space, et voila.


  2. Brett Legree says:

    PS – more thoughts on what you had said about the clock speed.

    This machine I am using right now is my “slowest” machine. It is an Apple PowerBook G4 1.67 GHz PowerPC, running Mac OS X 10.5 and I have 2 GB of memory.

    Admittedly it is slower than my fastest machine (an Apple MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz Core 2 Duo, runs Mac OS X 10.6 with 6 GB of memory) – but only when I do things it was not intended to do.

    It was never designed to run OS X 10.5 as that did not exist, and it was not designed to run Firefox 4.0 Beta 9 (which on PowerPC is not even a supported build, it is a community project) – especially with 10 open tabs.

    Yet the CPU seems to be fluctuating around 20 percent and right now I have 640 MB of free memory.

    Not bad for a 6-year old machine. Put it side-by-side with my 2008 MacBook Pro and very few can tell the difference, in fact, cosmetically it is little different from a 2011 Unibody MacBook Pro until you get up close and have a good look.

    I paid a lot less for it, too πŸ˜‰ and had I picked up (say) a refurbished ThinkPad T42, put Ubuntu Linux on it and so on, I’d have paid a *LOT* less!!!

    And still have had a nice machine. But I was a snob, and wanted another Mac πŸ™‚

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