Stuxnet Again?

I am not sure why but this worm keeps coming back into the news. Months ago we knew that this was an Israeli/US worm. We knew that it was aimed at the Iranian nuclear industry and we knew that both Siemens and Microsoft helped make it. So why does the new york times keep bringing it back up?
I don’t know why they do, but here is why I do.
The one thing I don’t see them saying yet is that we should be watching for copy cats, reverse-engineered and replicated versions of this worm.
After every other step forward in viral design we have seen the other virus writers take the new virus, and adapt it. At first the changes were slight and more like poking at it with a stick, then people just took it and made it their own. What can we expect the virus writers to do with this one?
Well first, figure out how to make it make money, the other habit of modern virus writers. I expect them to do the same with this but how will be interesting to watch. I first expect them to try to hold systems and processes hostage. Infect your systems and only let you use them if you pay for the key to unlock them. That won’t last long, so next they will start breaking things and asking for cash to stop. Then will come selling the ability to crash other peoples systems or steal the logic used to sell to others. It’s the pattern we are seeing with normal computer viruses and I see no reason it won’t be attempted here.
SO if you are in the business of making things that require controllers like the Siemens controller at the heart of stuxnet I suggest that you keep your eyes open, we have not heard the last of this worm and its family yet.

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