Hey feature phone are smart phones too!

So you own a phone but it’s not one of the “smart phones” like the iPhone or an Android phone (and Windows Mobile.) No you own a Nokia or LG or Sony Ericsson and you know what although called feature phones they are more then that.
We all know that with computers you can load new programs, games and the like on them. And smart phones are like computers, you can load programs and stuff on them. But you know what, you can add new programs onto your smart phone! Do you want to be on Facebook and see what your friends are doing on your not supposed to be smart phone? Well there is an app for that! http://www.informationweek.com/news/hardware/handheld/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=229001009&cid=RSSfeed_IWK_All

Well how can this be, it’s not a smart phone? Well it is not as smart a phone but it has all of the same pieces that a smart phone does, just not as fast or as big of memory but it’s all there, cpu, memory, storage and cell phone access. And there are apps out there for you to use, just remember you probably don’t have a plan for web access so you will be paying for access. If you want to use the facebook app check with your cell phone provider for a web plan and they can help you get the plan you need.


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