China still rife with software piracy

Lots of reports today that Steve Balmer “noted the serious IP piracy problems that currently exist in China.” Balmer says that only 1 in 10 copies of Microsoft software used in China is purchased.
Why do we trade with them again?

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2 Responses to China still rife with software piracy

  1. Brett Legree says:

    I hope that they (China) get tired of being nagged by Microsoft / the West and just follow Russia’s lead, mandate a move to Linux. That would be good for them, and good for us too, in the long run.

    Perhaps if our largest trading partner is telling us that in order to continue to trade with them, we must use what they use, it would accelerate adoption of Linux in Canada (and the USA too). I mean, with the BRIC Nations moving towards it, why don’t we get the jump on things and be ready for them when they need us?

    Think about it – Linux consultants will be in great demand in Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC) in the coming decades. Yes, they have their own “homegrown” talent but the markets are huge, there is room for all, plus they will need some “locals” on the ground in countries like Canada…

  2. echlinm says:

    China and Russia both pulled that trick. What it got them is both of them were given the code for Windows. All of the code for all versions of Windows 7 and servers and some of the other applications Microsoft makes. China did this once before and soon after the number of malware and attacks from China went through the roof. At the same time the russians lost control of a lot of their bot nets.
    So this time Microsoft gave them both the code. Why my new computer will be Linux.

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