Really fast IP over power!

IP over power has been coming for a while and I knew it would be revolutionary but this is, like, wow. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, utility EPB has introduced its new service to its customers at speeds that really impress, 1 Giga-bit per second transfer rates, or more than 250 times faster than most households currently in the states.

Currently they are charging 350 a month for fastest connections for businesses and I hope a lot less then that to consumers. With this speed and skype and on-line TV you really don’t need any other lines into your house.  And you know if you have power the internet works.

IP over power has been around for a long time but there are not a lot of power companies offering the service yet and no-one else seems to be trying to offer it. Power companies already have the infrastructure to offer it and are using it for smart meters and control of robot power plants so I don’t know why they don’t offer it and why it can’t be very affordable at the same time as a money maker for the power companies.

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