Two phones are better than one!

I carry one phone with me all the time, but at times I carry a second, but apparently there are people who carry two all the time. Their reasons vary from the humdrum; one for work one for personal, or the practical; one from each of two carriers for better coverage or as the guy at msn says two batteries are better than one.

The reason is of course that no one phone can do everything that you might want a mobile device to do. I prefer a computer which happens to have a phone attached but then I rarely actually use it as a phone. I text a lot and use the net while mobile but as a phone not so much. I do use the second phone with my primary, but it’s not connected to the phone network but wirelessly connected to my primary phone for added computing power.

So does anyone else have two or more phones? How do you use them, pop a comment and share with us.

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1 Response to Two phones are better than one!

  1. Brett Legree says:

    I have two phones – one for business, and one for personal/personal business. The business phone is issued by my employer – a BlackBerry Bold 9700 – typical corporate device, good for email and calendar, but not much more than a portable leash 🙂

    The personal/personal business phone is a Motorola Milestone (Droid) and I like it much better. Better email, better calendar, *real* web use, great apps, much more open… faster (I overclocked it to 1.2 GHz)… I can use it as a wireless tether for my laptop when I am travelling… yes, very nice.

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