Hacker space north?

Tracy is going to hate me for this but here goes.
We need a hacker space in our town and I’m hoping we get enough interest and maybe we can get a full time space and maybe sponsors so we can do have it open full time.
A hacker space is a place with equipment open to all for people to go to to learn and make use of hacker skills. Now I’m not talking just software, although there will have to be some of that, but everything from electronix and mechanix to cooking (Tracy might like that.)
Why do we need one of these in Deep River? Don’t we have enough groups now? Well we do have the wood working club and other clubs but, well they are clubs and not a drop in and learn space. The existing clubs are cliquey and mostly targeted to older people and we need to engage not just the geeks who want a place that they can mess up but also for the next gen geeks to learn from us older gen geeks. And we need more hands on make it and break it where people get their hands dirty.
SO a little info on hackerspaces, they are becoming a world wide phenom with spaces in cities in many countries including Canada, the US and Europe. A catchall wiki for hackerspaces is available at http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/
Hacker spaces are governed by a few basic concepts most of which come from the hacker ethic, but also include, ideas like “be excellent to each other”.
Having a weekly spot in a house might be OK for a while but we really need to get a space. If we can get a core of people willing to put up some money every month OR we can get sponsorship or both we could afford to rent a space which would be best.
OK folks, please think about this idea. Post comments here and pass it around to your friends who might want to be interested.


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3 Responses to Hacker space north?

  1. Brett Legree says:

    You’re going to laugh, but…

    I was thinking about starting one myself, or at least trying to drum up interest. Too bad we hadn’t chatted about this at coffee today – let’s talk this week.

    I had been thinking of launching/re-launching a LUG and then thought why not go further?

  2. echlinm says:

    Permanence is a real need here as we would have to stock the place with stuff, I have a bunch of electronix, cameras (security and a screen or two) I could donate. Probably a put an older computer or two, there and set up a lan. I can do training on software development and basic electronics. While I can solder maybe we should have someone else teach that correctly.

  3. Brett Legree says:

    Ed’s pretty good at soldering, maybe he could teach that and he would likely be interested in this. Let’s start asking around to see what we can find. We can start small and go from there. I have some ideas for computers, I would be willing to pick up and donate a couple of half decent laptops for this as it would save space (I can get ThinkPads for a good price from a supplier I use – these are good as they tend to run Linux flawlessly).

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