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Mini Programming tools: 2.5-ish

I just love working in the Eclipse editor. Not all but most of the editors in Eclipse are based off of the basic Eclipse editor. This simple but complex editor allows a ton of things. Like a lot of text … Continue reading

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MMMMM Cabbage Rolls

What, no I don’t have the recipe but they are good! If you really want it I can bug Tracy for it.. Oh so good cabbage rolls! Thanks Dear.

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One of those ‘fun projects’ off the web.

OK, now I know people who actually need one of these, and a siren or alarm gong. A Fart Meter which apparently is part of a chair or something. Uses a natural gas detector (and what would be more natural … Continue reading

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At work today I had to do the monthly patch of Windows. Normal, pain in the butt, reboot and hope it still works. I get home my Debian machine has updates, what you too? Ok click the button it says … Continue reading

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Programming Tools: 2

I’m waiting for more stuff to install but while that is happening I may as well share some more. I doi a lot of Java programming lately, some for the net but more for desktop use. So that means graphical … Continue reading

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The NEW Computer is alive!

I finally got a new computer, thanks to my friend Brett. It’s new to me, with computers being more or less unchanging of late an IBM Thinkcentre with a P4 dual core 2 GB ram and 500 GB hdd works … Continue reading

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Debian 6, 64

OK, the new Debian is out and the downloads are happening. It looks good, lots of new features, improved window manager, it will look really good on that new machine that is coming tonight I hope. I have Puppy Linux … Continue reading

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