The NEW Computer is alive!

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I finally got a new computer, thanks to my friend Brett. It’s new to me, with computers being more or less unchanging of late an IBM Thinkcentre with a P4 dual core 2 GB ram and 500 GB hdd works not too bad. I put Debian 6, 64 bit on it and have been able to get some if not all of my stuff on it so far. Had some issues with sound, mostly Java and sound (and Java and the browsers) and it turns out there are packages you just install once you figure out what they are.
For Java and the web browsers I added icedtea6-plugin and all of the web browsers now do java. I added libflashplayer and they all do flash. I added alsa-oss and libesd-java and java works with sound. Took my speakers back from Jenn’s old system and plugged them in and I have glorious sound and video, widescreen.
I installed Eclipse but the install from Debian is an older version, Galileo. Helios is out. I am going to install a local copy of Heloios in my user area and maybe a sun java although Galileo seems to work just fine with openjdk (BTW the java installed is not Sun/Oracle Java but OpenJdk, icedtea6) so I am going to try openjava with Helios and add the google visual editor (and everything else, but that is another series of posts isn’t it.).
I am importing my camera and all of it’s photos into the computer. It’s sorting them by date and not to badly. Look for a dump of pictures to the internet coming soon. It might end up being to (gasp) Facebook or something. The system is handling this all with no issues, and bloody fast.
I fired up Runescape (My kids play and I play with them, and that’s my story) and the graphics on this thing run it at full graphics with no issues. It never looked so good. But this computer is for 3 basic things and a few nice to haves. 1: it’s my home system for programming and development. I do programming as a profession, hobby and therapy. It’s not just what i do but who I am. Now I have the powerhouse I need to do a lot of programming and once I get everything installed and set up another system as the repository/backup away we go. 2: Gaming. Linux is mature enough to do gaming. While a lot of titles may not be available natively there are some and they are better than they used to be. If I can find a native game or a game that is machine independent (Runescape for one) I will play them first but Wine is also running well enough that windows games work and in some cases better in wine than if you were running Windows. 3: Blogging. I can sit here and write as well as add my pictures. None of the cameras I have work as a web cam apparently. My good cam just isn’t the type and the crappy ones we have just don’t register as anything but a usb device. Probably need to add packages for camera drivers or something.
So now I guess what i need is a better chair, I am using the one from the computer room downstairs for now.
Once I get the development environment installed and working I will ping you with that. Soon…


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