Mini Programming tools: 2.5-ish

I just love working in the Eclipse editor. Not all but most of the editors in Eclipse are based off of the basic Eclipse editor. This simple but complex editor allows a ton of things. Like a lot of text editors it context highlights and does it right for all of the different languages you may use. It does collapsing and expanding of sections, methods … It does brace/bracket pair highlighting and if you double click the beginning or end of a pair it highlights to the other, then just push the arrow key for the way you want to go and you are at the other end of the set. I don’t have to search for the other end of an if anymore!

Mark occurrences; highlight a variable or class or method call and all other occurrences are highlighted in the right margin of the editor (and a nifty icon in the left margin of the newest Helios.) It Syntax highlights AND marks in the border Task Tags. Put a ‘TODO’ on a comment and you can click pack to it. The defaults are TODO, FIXME and XXX but you can add more in the preferences. So you are writing a method but don’t remember the attribute name you want to access. Just put in a comment with // XXX and you now have a single click back to where you are.

Anyway Eclipse, Open Source goodness.


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