I have started on a journey of attempting to try out a lot of the games available out there on Linux. TO start with I thought I would try a few old favs and then a new to me game.
Linux when installed from cd usually has some games installed with it. I am a fan of solitaire and linux has many different sol games. I always want to install at least aisleriot because it has all of the different types of sol I want to play and so I installed that to great fun and time wasting. I then proceeded on to mahjong. I like the tile sets in the default install of the version included in Debian 6. so for board games, we have you covered.
I then installed both versions of the Doom engine and default maps. I like Doom, the first real fps out there and it still makes me smile to open up a chain gun on a bunch of monsters and frag them. Doom might be old school but sometimes that is what you need.
Next I play Runescape with my kids. It’s browser based and runs just fine on Linux with Firefox and java installed. I tried running this on Puppy Linux and just by doing the Java install and the Firefox install and it ran with no problem, great sound and only a small pause when you go from map segment to map segment.
SO now how about natively compiles modern games?
Well I next tried Eternal lands. Eternal Lands is an MMORPG but it’s not browser based. But unlike other MMORPGs this one has a native Linux application.
Eternal Lands is a quite good game with a different sense of game play. You can’t just camp out and craft or mine because they have other things than just experience needed to move to a new material or new craft. You see people sitting down beside flower bushes as flowers seem to be a part of everything. And books, reading books is just strange in a medieval game where no-one really could read.
SO there you are a very shallow look at Linux gaming. And they are fun too.

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