I’m not a good blogger

I tried, and I’m trying and will continue to try but I’m not a good blogger. I should be writing more and letting my wisdom flow to the internet for everyone to read.
So here is some of the stuff from my day. Nothing to specific about work mind old you, the company frowns on that.
But a few things I found or was told. Firefox, open a new tab and type into the address bar about:robots
be careful clicking the buttons.
OK now that you are in the about try this, about:about This works in Firefox and Chrome but sadly not IE.
Other things I found out, R2D2 is not an acid or a base and C3P0 can not work as a molecule but he can find work waiting tables. (Apparently there was some issue with stability and noise…)

About echlinm

Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst/Hacker S31
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