My current choice Android Phones

I’m not yet looking for a new cell but there are some out there that are at the top of my list.
First the Atrix from Motoroloa. It does everything I have been predicting for a phone. You can use it as your phone, mobile device and all of the good stuff you can do with any other smart phone from any brand. It’s a great phone. It’s android so it’s relatively open.
But it comes with a dock (well you pay extra and maybe a bit much extra) and the doc lets you plug in a keyboard, mouse, monitor and it becomes your desktop computer. It’s just Cool.
But it’s also version number 1 and while it has the best processor out there in a phone it’s not as fast as even a slow laptop so I’m waiting for version 2 and or a different manufacturer that has the price a bit lower. Hoping Microsoft does something like this with Windows 8.
The other nice phone, but with a different lean is the new phone from Sony-Ericson Xperia-Play is also a great Android phone, but it’s a bit thicker than most which would normally be a bad thing but once you figure out why it’s just a bit thicker then, well…
It’s from Sony so when you slide out where on some phones there is a keyboard and see that, no it’s a game controller you realize the Playstation has finally become the mobile connected must have device of the century … well almost but hey if you have a PlayStation and want to go mobile this phone looks cool.

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