iC therefore I am irrationally fast…

Some of us were playing around making new equations one day and we hit on this.

 This equation results in the value of iC.

Take E=MC² Solve for C, but then use a negative mass, root -1 is imaginary, that is i.

So what does it mean? Well if you have an object with negative mass this is the equation to get it’s speed. SO what would this be? I’m thinking an anti photon. But what else does it tell us?

I’m not sure but if I may I will just do some speculating. We live in a universe that has some 70% that is made up of stuff we don’t know what it is, can’t see and behaves in ways we do not understand. This extra stuff is making our universe expand and at an accelerating rate. I wonder if what we call dark energy fits this negative mass scenario.

I think Dark Energy is some sort of ‘reverse matter’. Not anti matter that when combined with regular matter would cause an explosion but a reverse matter that works much the same as regular matter but in opposite ways when it interacts with regular matter.

It would have positive gravity between two parts of reverse matter interact so it would clump together the same way regular matter does. It would make stars and planets and would put out reverse photons. But with regular matter it would repel and also be transparent to regular photons.

This is all probably wrong, but there is probably some type of truth in there somewhere and I’m going to keep thinking about it.

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