Ontario power outage, April 28, 2011

Are you from Ontario? Did you lose power on Thursday April 28? Did you know how many people lost power in Ontario that day? How long was your power out? And why have we not seen any news of this outage?

I am not entirely sure the exact number of people who were without power Thursday but it was at least hundreds of thousands. By checking at the Hydro One Storm Centre I see that there are still 53000 households without power, not including Ottawa or Toronto/Hamilton as they are not reported there. Some places may not get power until May 10, most likely because of some piece of equipment being broken like a big transformer.

Anyway I wonder why no news outlets did any real coverage of the outage and the storm that set it off. There was at least one person killed (a man in a town close to Hamilton, a steel door off of a shed flew through the air and hit him), a kid in Kitchener who ended up with a shattered leg and a lot of people left with no power for days.

Good luck out there.

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