GPS phones acting like GPSs? (And so they sue)

Not sure how I can start this without insulting a lot of people so if you find that you are described by anything in this piece I pity you.

OK people are suing Apple and Google because the devices they make or make the OS for have GPSs in them and they track where the gps device (in this case a pair of phones) was. Are they suing Garman or TomTom? No. Just Apple and Google.

Smart Phones that have a GPS are a GPS. And in order for that GPS to work like a GPS it has to track were it has been. It’s just part of being a GPS. Do you like that it can tell you where you are going, where you are, maybe your speed and ETA if going someplace? How about telling you how to get home? Well none of that works if it can’t tell where you have been.

Next thing you know someone will sue because the phone can receive incoming calls or keeps their emails.


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