Spain/Rome Earthquakes

Today was supposed to be the day Rome died. At least according to long dead (and doesn’t that mean it has to be true) self styled siesmologist Raffaele Bendandi, or atMap least some of his fanboys. And there were quakes in Italy today, just none worth noting and none in Rome.

But there were two quakes in Spain and I was asked today if this was the predicted Rome quake? And well if he predicted at quake in Rome and it happened in Spain his aim is off enough to say he got it wrong, but he also predicted that it would “level” Rome. And the 5.3 that hit Spain did some damage but the only thing leveled was the cars parked outside a Burger King. Yes some people died and that is not good but it’s a far cry from leveling a city. Maybe this Rome quake will be 2 days late like the one he predicted in 1923 but I doubt it. I wonder how many quake predictions he got wrong compared to the one he is credited with getting right.

(Image from BBC)


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