Linux in the least expected places

Tux, as originally drawn by Larry Ewing

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OK Linux is great right, more secure, more power, better commandline, better Windows Managers (plural, i mean you can change them and pick the one you like, unlike the other guys.)

And Linux shows up in the least expected places. My Router is Linux, the video camera we use at work, Linux. And where have I found it lately, well how about my web browser, really, not the copy running the web browser but in the web browser running on top of JavaScript in a virtual machine. Yeah!

This guy, French developer Fabrice Bellard was trying to see what he could do with JavaScript and he made a virtual machine capable of emulating an x86 system to the point it can run Linux. Not a complete copy of Linux but the kernel and a command-line and some utilities and a compiler. Anyway check it out, it’s a fun use of both JavaScript and a cool way to play with Linux and get back to our command-line roots. Just click into the window before typing or it goes to the browsers address bar.


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