Earthquake Turkey 2011, part of the earthquake storm?

Diagram showing westward progression of major ...

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Turkey has been the site of another deadly earthquake and our thoughts go out to those affected by this and other quakes. But Turkey is the home of the idea of the Earthquake Storm so it seems that maybe we should check if this quake and it’s aftershocks create a cluster that is part of the on-going Storm in Turkey. (see pic. right)

If you remember the idea is that quakes on one part of a fault or fault zone releases pressure at that point but transfers that stress on the fault to the surrounding parts of a fault and that this means that a quake or cluster of quakes then causes the next part of the fault zone to eventually fail in turn.Earthquake Location

Well first, this is on a different fault, but in the same fault zone. Could this have been set off by one of the sets of earthquakes last year? Well none of them were on the same fault either but release of pressure on the fault to the north by those quakes could have transfered some of that pressure to this one. If this was the expected quake in Istanbul or if in a short time (lets say a few months) there is a quake in Istanbul then we could include this quake in that storm but for now I would not be include it in the ongoing Turkey Storm.


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