Sony Fails again…

We all know of the problems Sony has been having with security from the PlayStation Network hack and the problems they are having with their on-line MMORPGs being hacked. While this was big they weren’t the first problems Sony has had and also not the last.

Sony has done everything from install root-kits on users computers (for anti-pirating supposedly) to sue people for trying to run Linux on their game consoles. Now they got hacked again, twice today!

The accounts of some users at a subsidiary (So-net Entertainment Corp) were compromised today. They apparently stole some tokens and gifts from users. And one of Sony’s servers was serving up phishing attacks from the as discovered by F-Secure.

OK, compromised is one thing and hacked is another but after being attacked so spectacularly you would think they would check their other servers and make sure that 1: they are not already compromised and 2: they are not open to attack on their other sites!

So Sony, either they just can’t figure out this security thing and should maybe get someone on board who can, or they are just not taking it seriously. Suggestion, Get the heck off the web until you are secure everywhere. Until they get their security issues under control I don’t know how we can take anything they do seriously, I mean if they can’t get this technology right what issues do they have with the other technology they are selling?

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