The power of diverse systems

I know it can cost money but it’s worth it in the end to have diversity in your systems. Diversity, Systems what the heck?

OK for security of systems and for having a backup/working communications platform I am a strong advocate for diversity. We have 4 different OSs running here at home. If we get an issue with one, say a bad patch or an precedented viral infection, then the other OSs are just fine. By having the other OSs we can always get on-line and find patches or fixes for our troubled Microsoft Windows systems. (Windows for The Sims which my kids are adicted too.) And using Linux on some machines (Puppy Linux and Ubuntu) allows for Linux on a live CD to scan a Windows box for malware.

Now internet, is something we love. And every once in a while Bell (our home Internet supplier, the only real game in town, unlimited bundle, so unlimited long distance, unlimited internet and full speed DSL at 6.5 mbps costs a bit) or someone down stream cuts the cable. It kills not just internet and phone but also Bell cell phones in the area too. SO our cell provider is Telus, and with a grandfathered unlimited cell internet. So all of our friends and my coworkers come to me for info when the internet goes out.

One of these days someone will talk the power company into setting up IP over power and we can dump our cable, phone and internet providers and get some real competition in the phone and internet spaces.

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