You know, this means war! Kinda

OK we have all heard of and I have written of the Mac “scareware” that has been hitting Mac users of late. Apple is putting out a fix or two to stop this and people are being told to get malware protection, although for this I doubt a virus checker will stop it until at least some people get infected.

If you haven’t heard there is a Trojan attack going around that tries to scare you into sending them money to remove the fake viruses they dump on your machine. It’s a scam, removing the scareware seems to be easy. But the new news is they figured out who is behind it and it’s a company in Russia. (They is Brian Krebs at his blog KrebsOnSecurity)

OK this Russian company CronoPay is known for scareware on the PC and I guess they now want to rip off some Mac users. I don’t know how many people fall for this type of thing, you would think very few but apparently it pays enough to keep doing it for years and to build up a company around it. So now what?

Well, they are in Russia, not known for being a particularly based on laws for all country, ever. And there is no hope of extradition. So they sit there making money, somehow staying in business and untouchable. It will take drastic measures to reach and affect these people and until we do something drastic they will continue to attack and scam people. We may have to do a similar attack at them as we have had to do in other cases lately but hopefully we can do this one without sending marines into Russia. We may need the cyber marine equivalent or maybe a group of unknown people to take the lead to protect the net.

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