Sony and others hacked again…

OK so far this week alone we have had Google, Sony, Canada (Federal Government) and defense contractors. Sony is just pathetic with more and more attacks on it’s servers and each is found to have the same simple problems, sql injection attacks work and all databases seem to be unencrypted and the storage of passwords unencrypted is so bad it should be criminal. OK Sony just doesn’t get it. Next.

Google say that their servers were attacked but it was more of personal attacks on people using phishing attacks to get passwords and get into their data. Again still more simple attacks and again Google shows it knows what  it’s doing. Maybe they should take over all of Sony’s web presence.

The federal government of Canada has been saying for months that nothing was taken when they were hacked back a few months ago, but apparently they either lied to the minister about what happened OR more likely he lied when asked about it by reporters. Oh well.

The number of attacks is going up, mostly because Sony is so pathetic. But still some is just more people falling for the pathetic phishing and weak web sites of people who should know better. But the number of attacks from china is increasing and the red army announced its Blue Army cyber force.

Also this last week Apple computers have come under attack with Trojan horse fake antivirus scare-ware. And it finally gets out that Macs already have a basic antivirus that was just not updating often. Now it updates everyday and hopefully will make it better for our poor beleaguered Mac brethren. Oh and it’s getting to h4xf357-2k11 time, find the invite and get the instructions for how to get in.


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One Response to Sony and others hacked again…

  1. Brett Legree says:

    Nice summary 🙂 as usual, it comes down to the user.

    I mean, Mac OS X is pretty secure and well designed security-wise, as are Linux, BSD etc.

    Heck, even Windows 7 is pretty secure these days. So we’re left with social engineering attacks.

    Sadly, I can even see the day when one of these things comes to Ubuntu Linux (as the most popular version at this time, it would be a prime target).

    If the user becomes complacent and enters the root/Administrator password or clicks the UAC pop-up every time she is prompted… well, not much can save her!

    However, unless I really need Windows, I would prefer to use a *nix any day of the week.

    For most folks who are “just users”, that might mean Mac OS X could be a good idea – but Linux is there, right now – it is more than good enough, for anyone willing to read, and learn.

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