Lulz must be breeding

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OK Lulz Sec, awsome job with Sony, although that bit about dropping the old folks passwords online, wtf?

Lulz Raft? Um, must be Canadian, raft is all they could think of with the rivers just thawing maybe? Now I like your style though, hit the conservatives, but try the others and find that the other parties are more secure. And harper choking on hash browns, and then the message on husky site, and they didn’t notice until a reporter called them.

Well anyone who has a site with sql-injection vulnerabilities needs to be woken up a little and Sony, are they in a Coma over there?

And now people are forgetting what we learned from Firesheep and now there are similar apps for Android. And I can’t believe people still fall for phishing schemes. People a little skepticism please, if it’s too good to be true, it’s a con!

So people, be careful out there, and never hack from home.

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