Sony apparently is not learning and Nintendo may have learned something but apparently not enough, and XBox look out they are gunning for you. Yes, LulzSec is back on the case and trying to prompt companies to be more secure in the only way they know how, hack and slash.

Promising to go after the other video game makers they posted their latest “achievement” and proved once again that Sony just doesn’t get it. Nintendo seems to have and now the US government is finally starting to show signs of intelligence and is threatening companies with criminal charges if they fail to protect the data that belongs to their users. Maybe too late for Sony though.

There are some groups out for the fun of it and getting the trophies like Lulz (although they do provide a service that apparently needs to be provided.) Other groups are “hack-tivists” like Anonymous who use their skills to defend people, organisations and freedom on the net by providing payback fro bad actors. There are other groups who fit these same types of grey area of doing something that could be a crime but doing it for none criminal reasons.

Other groups are criminal in nature, crime syndicates and groups out to steal anything they think will make money. These are from all over but lately they seem to mostly come from China and Russia/Eastern Europe, Iran.

So can your site stand up to an attack from a group like Lulz or Anonymous or one of many other groups out there. With all these types of groups out to compromise your systems companies had better step it up and start protecting their networks better. Now I don’t recommend that you go out and start hacking. But if you have a couple of computers just laying around why not set it up and show yourself why you need security software. There is a whole internet out there with all the info you need. You will never look at surfing the net the same again.


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