Ethiopia Earthquake cluster

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Interesting that there is a cluster of quakes happening in Ethiopia right now. This is similar to another cluster quite close to there last year. That one was right in the gulf just of shore of the current cluster. There was also a cluster just to the west of that one a year or so before.

The current cluster is over 6 hours, 15 quakes over 4.5 up to 5.7. This is a classic cascading earthquake storm. It’s interesting in that this is the top of the African rift valley. Ethiopia is also home to some very interesting volcanoes and a rupture in the earth that is basically the start of the next Atlantic ocean.

And with current reports of volcanic activity in the region (and a nice sat picture) it would look like the earthquakes set off the volcano. Some people are saying this was unexpected but given the cascading fault storm it would seem that we should have picked up on it and expected something. I’ll check the data and see if the last time this volcano blew it was at the end (is it the end) of a fault storm.


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