IMF Hacked

It would appear that the IMF has been hacked by one of it’s own members. The IMF is not releasing any information about who may have attacked them. This points to the attacks coming from within a member country.

What was taken could include the dealings of donor nations and the information on nations who are receiving funds. This would give the attackers advanced knowledge of what countries may default on loans or what they are doing to pay back and conditions within the countries. All of which could be used to destabilize a country, affect global markets.

The attack was a spear phishing attack. Followed by infecting the victims computer, getting passwords and usernames and then likely quietly searching for and removing files for as long as they had access.

This is not an Anonymous attack, most likely a state actor is the suggestion coming out of other blogs. And I don’t see anyone doing this for lulz. But if a state is doing this then it could be messy. With countries around the world in trouble and being bailed out after the late financial problems, knowing a how countries are doing would make this data valuable for planning, knowing who to target for financial dealings, generally take advantage.

While this is a bad attack for the IMF now that they know about it they can take steps to protect any countries that might be exposed.


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