Christchurch New Zealand hit hard again

A magnitude 6 earthquake directly below the city and only at a depthSubmerged  ... a car stands in water after eysterday's aftershocks.
of 10km has added to the devistation in this devistated city. If you don’t recall they had a Mafnitude 6.3 earthquake in February of this year which devastated the downtown to the point that they are only allowing repair workers in that area. Which is good as more of the buildings were damaged and some fell.

Now a 6 doesn’t sound like much but geography and the fact it was directly below and shallow makes the damage much higher. And with dozens of aftershocks happening constantly it must be a real pain to get any sleep or get much done. We can do little but send aid and wish them well.

This latest quake is an aftershock of the earlier quake and these quakes are expected to continue for weeks in the current cluster and other large aftershocks could continue and cause more damage for a year or so. Building new and building to withstand the quakes that will surely come from this point forward must be the order of the day. Now what a maximum in this area could be must be upgraded following what we learned from the Japan quake earlier this year.

A small fault zone is still able to produce large quakes and New Zealand is on the same side of the pond as Japan with a similar subduction zone so Build for Big people, especially since they seem to happen directly under your city.


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