Programming tools: 7 learning a new language.

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Learning a new programming language. We all know hello world and we all basically make one every time we make a new language but what is hello world all about?

It’s about feeling our way along as we start to use a new language and learning the basics as we go. We start out doing the same steps each time and this is the steps I take to learn a new language.

First, how do you do simple output, just writing something to the screen. In a lot of languages this could be just writing something to the command terminal, and in others it’s a bit more complicated, having to make a window, put the words on it, show it and then make a way to close the window. In a lot of languages you do both of these.

Second you need to get input from the user, store it then write it to the screen. Next you need to do math and string manipulation.

At this point you need to start looking at how the language handles things like object creation, classes, extensions and objects like arrays, lists…

The next thing is storing data on disk for retrieval later and then opening and reading those files. This then gets into navigating the disk, making directories, listing files, removing files and then creating compressed archive files like zip files.

On the display front you need to learn how to put the parts of your graphical user interface together, menu, interface components…

Then while you are doing this note the places on the net where you find the best answers to your questions (because you use Google to learn) and you will already have places to find the other things you will need to know like xml parsing and database interfaces and how to convert a string to the int value it represents.

Find a site that documents the API. Bookmark it. And that’s it you now know another programming language.

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