The Lulz are over?

Today LulzSec, the tight-knit group of cyber hacktivists associated with highlighting an array of cyber security problems at as many as 50 different web sites and networks announced they are disbanding.

They had a good run, hacked Sony six times getting the achievement for that. They also hacked some security firms, the FBI, CIA, US Congress, a porn site dumping the list of users and their emails and passwords to the net (my favorite of their hacks, rule 34) and a series of DDoS attacks.

But now they are disbanding and I hope able to keep ahead of police. Now why would I say this? These guys were into it for the one true aim of cyber hackers everywhere, some fun, some notoriety and more important waking up people everywhere that if you are on the net you are not secure. Security on the net is a moving target and unless you actively move and employ the latest and greatest with defense in depth you are not secure.

Anyway Lulz say they are leaving. But unless they are caught they will be back, maybe not together, maybe not by the same name, maybe not even from the same countries but they will be back and are probably not really gone. What else isn’t gone is the general lack of priority for most organisations for security, secure policies and putting the resources into making sure they are secure. The general apathy of the majority of people and companies/governments is the thing that should have been the focus these past 7 weeks but that hasn’t happened and we need to find a way to wake people up.

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