We may not live in a hologram after all

Holographic reconstruction process

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OK, this is weird but hang with me. I am reading this article from Discovery at this url. And it’s basically refering back to a previous article linked from the story where a physicist was speculating that because the data he was looking at showed that there was some fuzzyness in the data at really small particles that this could be because we live in and are part of a holographic projection.

But along comes this satellite that measures gamma rays and their alignment or polarization. It looks at fast and slower gamma rays and compares their polarization to see how small the particles that make up the universe are. a difference in the two types of gamma rays would show up close to the size of the particles they are passing through. But there is no difference so the size of the particles if there are these quantum particles at all is way smaller than we think.

So we don’t live in a hologram unless it is really fine grained.

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