Japan gets hit with a 7.3

Just what earthquake ravaged Japan didn’t need, another large earthquake. The 7.3 quake is what we used to think would be the maximum magnitude quake before March, While this is not as damaging as the 9.0 that hit them in March this will not make clean-up of the damage or the stricken reactors any easier.

A tsunami was predicted but didn’t materialize.This quake was about twice as far offshore as the March quake and a bit deeper in the crust. These two factors and meant that less of a wave would have been created and it would have dissipated more than the 7.2 that preceded the March 9.0 quake.

We just hope that this quake is not a fore-quake of a larger more damaging quake. My advice for people in Japan is stay away from the shore for a few days and take any quake reports and tsunami warnings with the utmost urgency.


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