South West Pacific action

map Kermadec islands, New Zealand

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The faults in the Indo-Austrailia/Pacific boundary zone are active this week and they don’t look like slowing down. And the action on the Kermadec islands region is not slowing down but with a range of quakes as high as 5.9 it is slowly moving the edge of the outbreak further south to now being active just off-shore of the New Zealand north island.

My inclination is to think this will propagate further southward in the next month and start striking the north island with quakes in the 5 and 6 range with a chance of a 7 and Napier or Wellington could be affected.

At the same time as this fault is ramping up the fault line at Vanuatu is also coming to life again this week. The islands in that region are well aware of the activity in the area but should be on the alert for a stronger quake in the days and months ahead as the pressure is relieved off of the plate edges to the east those stresses seem to be moved to this zone and can cause large quakes for the region.


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