There’s always a phone scam for windows going on.

Fake virus alert

Image by adria.richards via Flickr

I think the title says it all, and if you remember back to my earlier note on the subject it goes something like this. Hello, we are from Windows Technical Support (or something like that) and we noticed your computer is infected. If you look at your event viewer they then try to tell you that the events in there mean you have a virus. Then they try to tell you your warranty is up and you have to send them money. Then they try to get you to download some software like remote access software and they ask for your email password and they dump a lot of crap on your computer and then they rape it. Figuratively and remotely.
Don’t fall for it because Microsoft will never call you. No one will call you and tell you that you have a virus. The FBI might raid you but that’s not about this they think you are anonymous and they are busy doing the beat down on them right now.
Any way some ways to tell if you do have a virus. Google puts a message up saying you do above your search results means you might have a virus. Not sure what it looks like, I don’t have any.
Also if your anti-virus says you have a virus you just might have one. Let it clean it for you. If that doesn’t work, call me or Brett. If you don’t know me, you know one of my clones probably, go ask the guy/gal who never leaves his/her computer room down the hall. Mention you love Linux but you are stuck with Windows because of the Sims, they will roll their eyes and fix it for you. Buy them a pizza and some coke and suggest a good doctor to check if they have diabetes yet.
So lessons, Windows, virus, made for each other, you want to keep your windows virus free. Don’t think that some stranger is going to offer to fix your virus problem from out of the blue, it don’t happen that way unless it’s Google. Google good. Virus bad.
(I do not work for Google, they do not just call you and ask you to work for them out of the blue.) (Google call me…)
And the neighbor of yours who is a computer god, offer them something to gain their favor.


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