5.1 quake in Greece

Today in Greece (14:32 UTC) a 5.1 earthquake on the south coast of the Greek mainland just 101 km west of Athens and 24 km from Patrai. No indications yet of any damage or injuries but a 5 while insignifigant in other parts of thw world can have severe effects in the old structures in many old world towns and cities. Our thoughts are with the people of Greece.

Greece is currently undergoing an economic shock with austerity measures and trying to get it’s economic house together. If there is damage from this quake outside help will be needed to rebuild. The other danger is that lately some quakes have been followed by volcanic activity and Greece is not immune to this. Some are looking at Santorini but it is too far away to be directly affected by or the cause for this quake. There are older dormant volcanoes nearby but there has been no indication until now that they would be returning to activity. The quake is in the fault zone of the Europe/Africa boundary and is part of the on going collision of these two major plates.


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