China, South Pacific, undersea volcanoe and the Sun

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Interesting day today with several small quakes most notable of them the China/Myanmar border area having another quake in an area that has had a few 5+ quakes this year. While not notable for size the location is interesting in that all of the quakes this year have been on a nearly straight line parallel to the nearby transform fault. Historically the quakes in this region are scattered so this linear pattern may mean a change in the underlying geology. It is a mountain forming region and a series of quakes may indicate the formation if a new fault or fracture zone in the fault zone. Of course it will take millennia to find out but straight lines in nature usually mean weakness.

Other hot zones lately include the south pacific where the Kermadec trench has been continuing to rupture for months. Still a promising  area to focus our attention as I believe it is not done in this cycle of cascades. And the Fiji and Solomon islands at the north of this zone are still active this week and I’m forming some ideas of what we may see happen there in the future. I don’t believe the finger of the AustralIndo plate that is poking into the pacific plate is tenable for much longer (geologic time frames) and the deep quakes at the south end of it may be sounding the beginning of this portion of plate becoming dislodged.

Other news comes in the form of a volcanic eruption happening in the pacific off of Oregon. This eruption was predicted by volcanologists while other volcanologists are still trying to say that volcanoes can’t be predicted, much like they say earthquakes can’t be predicted. Anyway they predicted that it would happen when the ground deformation was happening just like it happened before the last eruption. So when history repeats apparently so do volcanoes and so do earthquakes. So my prediction for an earthquake in the cascadia zone. When the salt water swamps inland of Seattle raise out of the salt water high enough to grow trees the size of the current dead trees in the marsh there will be another 9.6+ rupture of the cascadia zone. But in the mean time build your houses and buildings well because when it does hit there will be a lot of water coming your way.

And the biggest “quake” this week we know of was the solar flare today. A monster flare in the X class, an X 6.9, Put in perspective a X6.9 flare which on the sun is like an earth quake, is about 100,000 times as powerful as a 9.6 earth quake. And the biggest solar flare known to science is estimated at an X 49. or roughly 1 billion times the power of the largest earthquake known to science. While barely any of that energy would leave the sun or be directed at earth lets try to stay out of the path of one of those please.

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